Project Description

Sunday Streets 2018 Poster

For 2018’s Sunday Streets downtown event, the City of Eugene Transportation Services department asked me to help them re-invent their look and get away from their dated style of advertising that had been used for over 7 years. They requested a bold, minimalist design focused on bike imagery with a theme of summer time fun and alternative transportation. To get the feeling of summer, I used a sunset color scheme and a minimal illustration style with large, bold text.


For this design I started by creating a very minimal white silhouette of a bike with a subtle illustration of Spencers Butte integrated with the curve of the breaks on the bike. The City of Eugene logo sits in the center of the spokes which brings in the idea of connecting people through the hub of downtown Eugene. I used large typographical watermarks to convey all forms of movement to be inclusive of bikes, wheelchairs, roller skates, and any form of transportation that doesn’t require gasoline. In order to keep the eye-catching minimal aesthetic, we opted to leave out more details and the map for the event hoping that after seven years people would be familiar with the route already.